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Confessions of a Rock-Mom: Quarantine Date Night PJ Wearing Glam! (Judge your Mama)

Some days are very hard trying to multi-task, juggling work, homeschooling and running after a toddler! This week wore me OUT! Thank goodness for an amazing hubby because listen, this Rock-Mom is TIRED! Although we are quarantine, it doesn’t mean date nights don’t occur! So why not throw a cute PJ Glam Movie Night! It took 15 minutes to glam up, and I was ready to snuggle and catch up on some movies. Netflix and chill, OK!

Thank goodness for cute turbans because listen, 🗣🗣🗣 I need my hair done! I will just keep doing a wash and go until I can see my stylist again 😢 but in the meantime, I’m trying head wraps, turbans, headbands, low buns, high buns etc.

What are you doing for date nights while quarantine? What are some cute quarantine hairstyles for natural hair + cute head/hair glam?

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