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Confessions of a Rock-Mom: Double Edged Sword

As a millennial (1981 – 1996)rock-mom, the obstacles we face are far different then our mothers. There is pressure to have kids, but yet there isn't a blueprint to match our present day lifestyle. More and more women are pushing off having kids due to aggressively chasing career growth, paying down student loan debt or just not in the head space to add a baby to the everyday hustle. Our moms didn't have the mounting pressure, therefore our stories and outcomes of what a modern day family looks like is quite different.

When I first had my oldest son at the age of 27, I was completely angry. Although I was married and did all the right things to avoid pregnancy for several years, I still ended up pregnant one month after getting married. In my head I was way too young to be starting a family. I wanted to chase my dreams and build a lifestyle that fit the narrative in my head. Quickly thrust into motherhood, I became WOKE. I had no idea childcare cost so much. The cost was robbing me of my future. Student loan debt brought me to my knees. The monthly daycare cost could have easily brought my loans down, leaving me with room to grow. The only thing I could think of was to grind even harder.

Every pay raise while climbing the corporate ladder was a stepping stone to get myself to financial freedom. Every move was and has been strategic. It's like a double edged sword. Yes, I am beyond happy to have my son, but apart of me daydreams and thinks what if I was able to wait until my late 30s early 40s to start my family. This is the reality of everyday millennials who are trying to piece their life together.

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