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Confessions of a Rock-Mom: Embrace your frame!

A male family member who hasn't seen me in years called me fat. It caught me off guard, and I wanted to instantly say something to him, but I remembered that I’m a cool, calm Rock-Mom who never gets off her throne for nonsense. I have no idea why he would even have the audacity to think the words, let alone form his lips and actually utter “fat” in my direction. Forget my direction, how about any woman’s direction at that? So rude! I personally think I look amazing being seven months postpartum. No, I can’t fit into my once size four petite pants, but I have embraced my curves, and welcome them until they rightfully depart from me. If they happen to stay, welcome. I will never let baby weight define me. For some women, this would have depressed them, but for me, it has empowered me to be vocal and call out the crazy. If it takes you ten months to make a baby, why does society think it takes a week to be fully healed and back down to a size zero? I wish a man would have a baby, and let us see how they look and feel after pushing a baby out their vag (penis?!) or having a c-section. So, to all the weight bashers, know that your words have no power. Rock -moms are beautiful no matter what shape or size they are.

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