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Confessions of a Rock-Mom: I Don't Want to Adult Today

There are times where you just don't want to be an adult for the day, let alone a mommy. Yes, it may sound harsh, but every rock-mom has a point in their life where they wish they could check out for the day and feel like a kid again. At those moments it's when you have to take time for yourself. Finding alone time can be hard, but it is a must to keep going. You always want to stay emotionally, mentally and physically healthy. You never want to be so burnt out that you have no more to give. Yes as a mom you often pour out so much of yourself that you are almost left sucked dry. The simplest thing as getting your nails done, taking a walk, eating alone and binge watching your favorite show can be the recharge you need. Just remember why you do what you do, but don't feel guilty if you don't want to "Adult Today."

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