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Confessions of a Rock-Mom: First Born, My “Son”shine

From the moment we met it’s been love at first sight! You have guided me through this motherhood journey thus far. You have and always will hold a special place in my heart. As the days become few until you finally have a sibling I sit and wonder how can my love grow for two.

I remember talking to my dad asking him how did he equally love both my sister and me. To sum it up he said, you just do. It’s something you don’t have to force it happens naturally.

I have no doubt you will be an amazing big brother and I vow to always have our “me” time even if it consists of playing chess, building robots, writing comic books, playing with LEGOs, recording your fake YouTube videos (Remember to like and subscribe) or just listening, I’ll be present in the moment.

As I continue to learn and have hiccups along the way, I’ll make sure to always be open to your feelings and value your thoughts. Always know no matter what, you will be loved beyond measure. Thank you above all for making me a mom and opening my heart.

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