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Confessions of a Rock-Mom: Just Throw Sleep Away

Baby C is a true gangster of I’m going to get you sucker. Babies do as the lyrics say to the “So Gone” Monica song, “I’m going to kick down your doors and smack your chick.” All I wanted to do last night was find the perfect sleeping position. As my stomach was doing the wave, right at that very moment, I got into formation, eagerly sleeping at attention, holding onto the last grain of the sandman’s sleep dust. I knew it was going to be a long night of wrestling the 5 million pillows I strategically place around me, just to kung fu panda them off the bed. Why doesn’t this baby like any sleeping position accept sleeping straight up? Well that’s because this baby believes in moon walking all over my ribs until the morning comes. As the night swiftly turns into day, I look over at the hubs in envy as he sleeps so effortlessly with no care in the world. I want to smack him with one of the pillows, if I can’t sleep you shouldn’t either. As the night quickly slipped away, I came into my own and had an “a-ha moment,” as Auntie Oprah would say. I realize being a rock-mom doesn’t come with a sleep manuscript, Baby C is just the real boss baby, steam rolling all over my expectations leaving me to pick up the pieces of my so called “plan.” I planned on sleeping last night, but did I, nope so I’ll just float through this day and pretend last night never happened.

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