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Confessions of a Rock-Mom: The Final Count Down!

Parenting doesn’t come with a blueprint; you just do it! These precious months of pregnancy that swiftly dwindle down to single digit weeks can be filled with joy, but also fear. Sometimes, you fear whether you’ll be the best Rock-Mom, if you have done enough to prepare for your baby’s arrival, and what challenges you will face. It’s normal to have those internal thoughts and doubts, even if this isn’t your first rodeo. I say, don’t let fear overshadow or consume you; just keep pushing. You will know what the best solution is when the time arrives (and if you don’t, that’s okay, too!). The ten months (yes, pregnancy is more than nine months) you’ve been preparing for your bundle of goodness is more than enough, and your baby will love you in spite of. Your precious gift literally knows your heart beat, mood, and voice. No one said motherhood would be perfect, but it’s MAGICAL. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to rock out my last pregnancy. It will be bittersweet not feeling him play a melody across my rib cage, but we will definitely play a sweet tune once he’s in my arms. I’m so happy to be gifted with the opportunity to raise two kings with my amazing hubby! Mom of Boys!

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