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Confessions of a Rock-Mom: Slap Some Red Lipstick On!

I’ve always been a family-oriented person; it’s literally etched in my DNA. Growing up in a household with four siblings (five total in our tribe!) was always exciting, although at least one of my sisters always tried to steal my clothes. At the end of the day, when all materialistic things fade, the lights dim, the spotlight goes out, family remains. Family is the center of pure joy and happiness. Bumping into my third and final trimester, I am soaking in all the precious moments with my favorite guys! This experience has been so fulfilling. I’ve learned not to push myself too much (learned the hard way trick-or-treating last week ), but overall it’s been such a blessing. Although this is my last and final “On The Run Tour II” (to the bathroom, that is Carter get off my bladder please)

. I want to encourage anyone who is wanting to start a family, expanding their family, or tip-toeing around the idea of a family, it's worth it, hang in there! Hang in there, even if you aren’t certain, seeing the results, or just not sure. God sees and knows all! Slap some red lipstick on, and keep going!

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