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I’ve had so many moments being afraid of not being the perfect mom. I wasn’t sure if I was always making the right choices. I think sometimes as moms, we try and have everything perfectly lined up, every “t” crossed and “i” dotted, and life in general figured out. We forget that it’s okay to make mistakes. Every single toy isn’t going to be perfectly placed on its shelf. The bed covers aren’t going to have the perfect folds. The little smudge prints on the windows can stay an extra day or two (you can secretly wait a week, but don’t tell anyone).

What matters the most is that your child has a smile on their face; they feel safe and are enjoying every precious moment of their life! They won’t remember the unfolded laundry, the grilled cheese sandwich that may have been a little over cooked (i.e. burnt!), or the mismatched socks (socks seem to magically disappear in the dryer). Be present, know that you are doing your best, and they will love you anyway!

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