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CONFESSIONS OF A ROCK-MOM: Seven is the Golden Year

I often sit and just stare at my son, like wow, I made a whole human, OK not by myself, but still you get the point. I remember when he was born, constantly counting his fingers and toes as if the number would change. There were days, I must admit that I wanted a do over. Like can we just throw the entire day away, it didn’t go as planned. I think most of those moments were when he turned 4. I guess it was my payback because he never went through terrible 2’s.

I would call turning 4 the year of “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.” He had literally morphed into a teenage mutant ninja turtle, not the turtles from 1990 (classics), but the new age turtles, you know the ones on steroids. I felt defeated, he was kicking my butt and I didn’t know what I did so wrong to deserve it (sorry mom and dad). Between dodging LEGOs, and yes I will continue to talk about gosh darn LEGOs, they hurt my feet. My feet have died, come back to life and buried themselves again! I’m still looking for them, so if someone finds them, let me know. But looking back, he was just being a kid and still will make mistakes, but it’s OK! He’s the reason why I get up every morning and try so much harder! He has literally pushed me into my purpose!

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